Technical Solutions

Every organisation has its own unique communication needs, so we don’t provide ‘off the shelf’ systems. We take time to understand your business challenges and then we design the most effective solution.

At Autopage, we specialise in sending and receiving SMS text messages. However, if you have a system or application that currently sends or receives other kinds of messages such as emails, pager messages, HTML or just files with messages in, we can convert between those formats and SMS. And, if you have people sitting at desks, who want to send and receive messages, we can do that too.

You choose how you want to send and receive those messages, depending on the speed and volume required. We supply a GSM modem for low-volume users and an industry standard SMPP interface for high-speed and high-volume users. You can send your messages via your network or through aggregators. Current methods for inputting messages include manual typing, virtual screen buttons, SMTP (choice of formats), HTML, SNPP, and ASCII file transfer.

Autopage systems can be applied to an extensive range of business uses. We’ve listed some of the primary business applications below, but this just a guide. We design each system to suit the needs of each individual business. For more information about how Autopage can be tailored to your organisation, and current costs, call us on 01603 506441 or send us an email.

Efficient Bulk Text Messaging

Text communication allows mobile service and sales personnel to receive and acknowledge up-to-date information on job schedules, prices or availability. Acknowledgement of the message ensures that it’s been read, logs recipients and timings and provides alerts when messages are not acknowledged. Information can be exchanged between staff at PCs and mobile phones, on site or in the field.

Read our Notting Hill Carnival case study and South Essex NHS Trust case study to find out more.

Extend Emails to Staff in the Field

Central office staff using email can communicate directly with field staff using SMS text message. Staff away from the office can also receive incoming email. Read our AlertSystems case study to find out more.

Lone Worker Safety

Staff working alone in potentially threatening situations can be monitored and provided with a secure and discreet panic alarm, as well as being assured that someone will respond if they are late leaving a scheduled location. Read our Astraline case study to find out more.

Warnings From Automated Systems

Fault or status messages from production or storage facilities or measuring devices can be directed to the appropriate engineers by email or text message.

Reliable Dispatch of Pre-set Messages

Complex pre-set messages can be sent to defined users and groups of users at the touch of a button. This is particularly useful for emergency situations where speed and accuracy under stress are important and also for telemetry applications where precision is essential.

Test Enquiry Service

Customers or staff can receive up-to-date price, directory or other information automatically by texting key words.

Back-up Communications

Business continuity can be ensured in the event of an emergency by providing a portable back-up communication system.

Bespoke Technical Solutions