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Serviceline is the national service company for Aga Foodservice Equipment. Based in Stevenage, our engineers provide servicing contracts, installations, emergency services and warranty support on a wide range of market-leading kitchen equipment brands to commercial catering clients nationwide.

It’s a seven-day a week, same-day response service. Running a national network of 120 home-based service engineers requires a good communications system, especially when the clients we look after work in the ‘pressure cooker’ environment of the commercial catering industry.

Our Autopage solution

We need a messaging system that won’t fail in an emergency. For many years, we have relied on the Autopage Email Gateway system.

It’s a system we can rely on

Our clients operate under pressure. Faced with strict regulatory standards of quality and safety, they need to know that help is just a phone call away when essential equipment goes down.

Our engineers carry a comprehensive range of parts and have an established ordering system for spares, meeting up at pre-arranged rendezvous to collect parts from a delivery van. We use the Email Gateway for reactive messages to service engineers while they are out on the road to update them on any problems – such as emergency messages about the spares delivery vehicle, health and safety issues, changes to job details or job cancellations.

It saves time on phone calls

Before we had to rely on voicemail messages, emails or faxes, which frequently needed a reply from the driver. Now administration staff simply pick an engineer’s name, or groups of names, out of the system’s address book and the message is converted into text and sent out.

The system is easy to use and is liked by staff. The engineers don’t need to respond to the messages or stop driving in order to answer the phone and can be diverted en route if a job is cancelled. Administration staff have also vastly reduced wasted time on phone calls.

It integrates well with our organisation

The Autopage Email Gateway is a pro-active system, which has enhanced our own pro-active approach to helping our catering clients maintain optimum performance from their equipment. The system is now so embedded in the way we operate that it has almost become part of the office furniture. It has a simple function but saves us a lot of time and wasted effort and we wouldn’t want to do without it.

For more information about how Autopage can be tailored to your organisation, and current costs, contact us.



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