A message lifeline for Neuropage™ patients

Neuropage™ is a service that provides programmed reminders via pager or mobile phone to people with memory, planning or organisational problems. Reminders may include appointments, taking medication or even sending birthday cards. Our service helps many people suffering from brain injury or progressive diseases.

The Oliver Zangwill Centre for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation has been operating Neuropage™ for ten years. However, our original system, based on Apple Macintosh, was unsupported and did not allow easy use of increasingly popular SMS messaging.

Our Autopage solution

We decided to migrate Neuropage™ to the Windows operating system with Autopage. The Autopage system makes it more straightforward for us to choose between paging and texting. The transfer was achieved seamlessly without users being aware of the change.

It’s a highly efficient system

While NeuroPage™ users would have noticed no change, the Autopage software has made the whole system easier for administrators to run. NeuroPage™ runs 24 hours a day, and it's now less stressful to make sure this on-call system is operating, whereas before it was quite complex.

The system allows a complete schedule of prerecorded messages to be set up for a patient anywhere in the UK. The operator can switch easily from one patient's schedule to another and choose between pager or SMS delivery.

It’s easy for our patients to use

We're big fans of paging because it offers one-button retrieval, which is ideal for our patients, who can frequently do without complicated phones. However, some patients do find texting more attractive, and it is now easier for us to meet their wishes.

A typical example of the benefits of this service is provided by a 40-year-old man with multiple medical issues including seizures and memory difficulties. Through Neuropage™, he is prompted to take medication, charge his mobility scooter and keep important treatment appointments, helping him to live independently and reducing the risk of further seizures and damage.

It’s an example of best practice

The NeuroPage™ service has been documented as an example of best practice in the NHS Long Term conditions framework in relation to supporting people to self-care. Autopage has proved stable and reliable in this critical application.

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